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How to Join
How to join:

If you haven't, please read the following before continuing:
And if you're still interested after all that, please read below, then read the Application Overview (so you know what you'll be asked in the application) and then use the link at the bottom begin the application!

Please keep in mind when you apply your email will be visible to the admins of this site, thus if you do not wish this, then please use an alternate email address!

Roleplay Expectations:

We are a medium/heavy roleplay guild and have high expectations.

If you aren't familiar with Blizzard's "Roleplaying Policy" you should read it: here.

What we expect in the Redeemed:

  • We are strict on character names, make sure your character has an actual name, not 'BananaBob' or 'PotatoHead'.
  • We expect players to type properly, as well as use proper grammar and spelling.
  • We expect players to behave in a manner that properly reflects the entire guild. Remember your guild tag reflects on all of us.
  • We expect players to stay In Character when speaking in public channels such as /say and /yell and /emote.
  • A general philosophy that puts good roleplaying ahead of concerns such as raiding, loot and guild level.
  • WE ARE NOT A PARKING LOT FOR ALTS. If you join, we expect you to be ACTIVE (in-game and on the guildsite) and taking part in our events and roleplay. If you're looking for a place to dump a Death Knight alt, please try another guild.