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The story of the Redeemed starts off with the creation of the renegade Death Knights. The founder of the Redeemed, Ourrin Highblade was a Kaldorei warrior that had fallen during the Third War only to be resurrected with as a Death Knight along with many others by the Lich King. As is now history, he was just one of ten thousand used by Arthas to try and lure out Tirion Fordring during the Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel and then betrayed by the Lich King. Again, Ourrin was just one of many who came together under the banner of the Ebon Blade and served with them until the fall of Arthas.

With Northrend secured for the most part, Ourrin then took his leave and decided to try and rediscover who he was when he was alive. He was followed by his fellow Death Knight and second in command of his Scourge then Ebon Blade unit, Mayet as they wandered Azeroth eventually ending up in Stormwind as King Varian Wrynn declared the renegade Death Knights pardoned and welcomed into the Alliance. Heartened and emboldened by this he decided to go back to Darnassus and after reuniting with his still living brother he was quickly turned out by his former people as the Kaldorei didn’t want anything to do with unnatural creatures like he.

During the trip back to Stormwind he realized that creatures like he had only one purpose in their unlife, and that was to seek redemption, but the only way to achieve redemption would be to die in the defense of the living trying to atone for the atrocities he committed while under the sway of Arthas. It was around this time that the Iron Horde invaded Azeroth and he and Mayet were some of the first to come to the defense of their homeworld. He formed an elite group of Death Knights that only took on the most dangerous missions in Draenor so that the living would be spared throwing away their lives on such impossible tasks. His unit came to be known as the Redeemed and was found to be a welcome addition to the Alliance forces.

Now that the dust has settled in Draenor, Ourrin came back to Azeroth with a proposal to the heads of the Alliance. Wanting to make his unit a permanent addition to the Alliance forces, a group that would specialize in being sent into situations that no one was expected to come back alive from, for come what may, that was the only way they could find Redemption. Stormwind and Ironforge took Ourrin up on his offer and the Redeemed became an official paramilitary group under the purview of SI:7.