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Rules & Regulations
Mission Statement:

Like minded, meaning those that have suffered and lost, yet do not think of themselves as saved by that pain. We are not proud of what we have become. We do not think ourselves saved from the sins of our past. We are damned by them. Forever we are plagued by our deeds. We whom served the Lich King, that willingly and regularly slaughtered the living, were not granted salvation when we took up the sword against him. We seek to atone for those sins, not forget them nor use them as excuse. There is no excuse for what has been done. There is only redemption, and redemption is as eternal as our undeath now makes us.


Founded by Commander Ourrin Highblade during the invasion of the Iron Horde, the Redeemed started out as a small elite Death Knight unit taking on near impossible missions. Since the conclusion of the invasion, Commander Highblade petitioned the Alliance to keep the Redeemed as a permanent fixture in the Alliance military. Stormwind took him up on the offer and now the Redeemed work under the purview of SI:7 being sent on missions that classify as a death sentence. Read more here.

Guild Structure:

  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Captain
  • Ranger
  • Explorer
  • Recruit
  • MIA

For more information click here.

Guild Expectations:

  • Behavior & Roleplay: As you probably already know (or if you don’t…), Death Knights are frowned upon in RP communities usually due to their player being something of a drama-llama powerplayer. Here in the Redeemed we strive to play more thoughtful, well-rounded characters and as such we would like you to be mindful of your <Redeemed> tag as you now represent our guild and as such your actions in game can have repercussions (both good and bad) on the rest of us.Treat others as you would like to be treated; it's that simple. Trolling, harassment, or discrimination or any kind will be dealt with quickly and harshly. We not only want to set a good example as fine roleplayers, but as well-behaved and mature players as well.
  • In using Total RP 3, all members should prefix their names with their current rank in the guild (Ex. “Commander Highblade”) also inside of the guild we will address each other by rank or by ‘Sir/Ma’am’ and 'Brother/Sister' (if you are of equal ranks) - this is because we are a mix of cultures and backgrounds. When we are together as a group we need to behave and look like a team. Uniform is always required - see more below. Stand still! Stand in line! Act when you are told to. Listen to your superior officers, don't talk back, show respect. Also show respect for members "time in grade" - that is, once you are an Explorer for example, you are to continue to show respect to those who have been in that rank longer than you.
  • Guild Chat: g/ chat is for RP only as it is in character. No OOC allowed on the main g/ chat.
  • There is a Redeemed OOC channel for general chatter that when you join the guild we will let you know it’s name so you can join it. It is PG-13 and topics that will not be tolerated in any sort of condescending or insulting manner include, but are not limited to: Gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, rape, suicide, self-harm, drug use/abuse, threats, insults, or any other discussion that an officer deems inappropriate for a PG-13 guild. Remember, people who may not speak English as a first language, pre-teens, teens and people who generally want to have a pleasant playtime in our guild so be mindful of the conversations in the OOC chat.
  • Appearance: To maintain and reinforce the fact we operate as a paramilitary unit, we have uniforms that are required. At the time of your official inauguration into the guild you will be given a drill uniform and standard tabard. This will be worn at all drill practices. You will also be expected to wear uniform armor as well when on duty or on missions. Our standard armor set is the Overlord set and we will help you get the pieces necessary to complete the look. For more information about our uniform requirements, please go here.
  • Activity Policy: As we understand when real life needs to take a priority (as this is just a game after all), if you need to leave for a brief period please post in the Leave of Absence section. However we do 'clean house' from time to time, so if we clean you out, please keep in mind we didn't do it maliciously and feel free to request to be added back in. We do expect you to keep up with what is happening on the website and visit once a week so you are informed as to what is going on within the guild.