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How to Join
Application Overview:

The following is a brief description of how one should fill out the application for admission.

Please note that all fields should be filled out! Failure to do so will probably result in your application being rejected.

In Character Questions: These are questions you will answer as if you are your character.
  • Main Character: Your Character's name as in what you have in your TRP3 or other RP add-on (remember though, we require TRP3).
  • Race: We are open to all Alliance races save Pandaren, see here for more info on that.
  • Class: This *should* be Death Knight, as we're a DK only guild. Other classes are highly discouraged unless you've previously discussed this with the guild officers and gotten the green light from them.
  • Age and Current Residence: Your character's (relative) age and where they're cooling their heels currently.
  • Introduction Letter to the Commander: Now, this is important as you're making a first impression to the Commander here. Please explain how you character has heard of us, why your character is interested in joining us and what you would bring to the unit. Flex your RP muscles here and impress us!
  • Any additional information you would like considered? This is a good place to list your character's strengths and weaknesses or any other quirks your character may have.

Out of Character Questions: These are questions for you, the player.
  • Are you over 18? While we don't need to know your exact age, we would like to know if you're over 18 or not as we do expect a certain level of maturity in our guild and this gives us a slight clue to that.
  • In-game name of applying character: This is if the name is different from the main RP name so we can contact you in game. Remember, if the character handle is ridiculous we will not accept the character, such as 'BananaBob' or 'PotatoHead', etc.
  • Is this an alt or main character? Is this an Alt, or your Main toon? Remember, we are not a dumping ground for Alts!
  • Do we know you? Are you already in the guild and this is just another character for you, or do we know you from another guild?
  • Physical Description: We would like a description of your character. It needs to be longer than one sentence and we would like some details such as body shape, eye/hair/skin/fur color, etc. Again, flex your RP muscles. You can just copy and paste it from your RP add on if you wish.
  • Brief Character Background: The "Brief" might be misleading, but we'd like a paragraph or two here, and that's about it. Be humble and realistic in roleplaying your character's history. No dog-/cat-/mouse-/ferret-/vampire-people, no "I am the most awesome and famous hero of Azeroth," and for the love of everything holy no "I am the lovechild of Khadgar and Doctor Who!" Character biographies should not include any in-game accomplishments. Everyone's killed Van Cleef in-game. Everyone has Jaina's signet ring. And more than a few have chopped off Onyxia's head. To claim any of that in a personal character biography is just arrogant. Don't try to be an attention whore, and please keep everything PG-13.
  • Have you been in any guilds on this character previously? If so, why did you leave? This needs no explanation, color us curious.
  • How long have you been roleplaying, in WoW or other RPGs? Again, doesn't need much explanation, we'd just like to know your roleplay experience here.
  • How familiar would you say you are with lore, and what role do you think it plays in roleplaying? Should roleplay always be within lore parameters, or should imagination be your only limit? Once more, we're interested in your thoughts on this.
  • What days and times are good for you to meet with the Guild Officers for an IC interview? So we can plan to do your in game RP interview.
  • Have you read our About and Rules & Regulations sections? Please do not lie about this. We'd really like for you to understand what you're getting into with us.

That's the whole of the application! Good luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask here!

If not, go ahead and apply!