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Why roleplay a group of Death Knights?

We understand as being old hat at Roleplaying on WoW and in other places, we have experienced all too well someone rolling up into an RP with a poorly played DK that either dishes out far too much angsty drama-llamas and/or toot their own horn at how powerful they are. They have become, pun intended, the Scourge of the RP scene (and probably soon to be followed up with the incoming Demon Hunter class) and that's pretty much why we formed this guild. We wanted to see Death Knights played better as they can and should be played better. These are in a nutshell people who were reanimated against their will as ruthless killing machines under the sway of a truly evil despot and then suddenly released back under their own control and sent home. How does one deal with this? What do you do with yourself? This is what we want to explore in The Redeemed. For more info on how we see Death Knights should be played, check out this thread.

Are other classes allowed?

In a word, yes, but be forewarned as you'd really, truly have to impress us to join under another 'living' class and as for the upcoming Demon Hunters, we're just going to wait and see when Legion comes out so we can get a better handle on that class's story and see if and where they might fit.

What races are allowed?

All races that can roll the Death Knight class are welcome - which excludes Pandaren. While we do know about Gravewalker Gie and yes, it's been said that a wandering Pandaren could have been caught up by the Scourge (hence Gie), but we aren't going to humor them as they are an extremely rare happenstance.

Do you Raid/PvP/etc.?

To be blunt, No.

We like to RP and even though we've been around a while, we've never been able to get into Raiding or PvPing. So if you're looking for that, then sorry, we're not your bunch. We don't mind doing Dungeons as a guild at all once in awhile (especially if there is a piece of transmog we want out of it) and if we trust someone enough to lead us in a Raid, fine, but we won't be doing anything like that on a regular basis.

Why are we not allowed to go some places in Azeroth?

First, please see our Code of Conduct and How we RP DK's for a bit of the background. Death Knights used to be merciless killing machines and they're undead for Pete's sake. Their very presence is designed to unsettle the living and for some they do not want anything to do with such unnatural creations. Thus in understanding this there are some places we roleplay that we as a group of Death Knights are just not welcome. Hence why we don't go to Darnassus or Pandaria. Night Elves do not want anything to do with Death Knights as they are not keen on the undead, so we're going to play to that. The only time you can go to Darnassus is if 1. You are flagged as OOC and you're just there for quests and not RP or 2. We are invited as a group and are RPing with another guild, like the Sentinels or the Silverwing Sentinels so we're under their supervision.

Our characters should realize that if we want to do the most good, that sometimes it's best that we do not force ourselves where we are not wanted as that doesn't help anyone in the end.

Can I be an officer?

Not right off the bat. However, if you stick with the guild and follow our rank structure and what to do in each rank as outlined here, then yes, you can work your way into an officer position in the future.

What's my bank access?

While you are a recruit (newly joined), you will only have access to one tab (where the uniforms are) and repairs, but after that when you've proven yourself a dedicated member, you will be given more access as you go up in rank.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them here and we'll get back to you with answers!