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Guild Rules and Information

[Pinned] Redeemed Uniform Guide

Being a para-military guild under the purview of the Alliance, we have a uniform code and are expected to uphold it.Currently we have three sets to our uniforms; known as the three D's : Drill Uniform Dress Uniform Duty Uniform Drill Uniform:Our D...
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Guild Rules and Information

[Pinned] Role Playing a DK properly.

Subtitle: Understanding the Horror.This information is not presented to be the definitive word on the subject of how to role play a Death Knight. It is based almost entirely on personal opinion and parallels between what we have seen of DK in the ...
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Guild Rules and Information

[Pinned] General Roleplaying Rules

SHORT LIST Use netiquette. No God-modding. Do not create God-modded antagonists. Do not powerplay. Do not auto-hit. Do not assign damage. Do not metagame. Do not metagame personal histories. Do not canon-chain. Do not mix IC life with OOC life. Do...
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