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Name: Rhoorilliina (A.k.A for the non-Draenei Liina))

Race: Draenei Death Knight

Gender: Female

Age: Well over 5,000 but doesn't keep track any longer.

Hometown: Argus (Draenei Home Planet)

Class: Draenei

Profession(s): None at the moment. (Will update.)

Hobbies: Minor investigation work for those around Stormwind.

  • Being a Death Knight she has great resilience. She is difficult to put down.
  • She is quite talented in Blood magic. She is quite talented in the art of torture.
  • She is a trained warrior since she was a child. Being so, she has a perfect form and knows how to use a sword and shield.
  • She is undead, so she doesn't require the same limitations as the living.

  • She is a Death Knight so being so she enjoys torture and death. An inner argument she is constantly fighting.
  • Being born and raised on Argus, she is majorly raciest, especially against Orcs and Humans.
  • She is not at all trained in Unholy or Frost magic of being a Death Knight. They fear her and though she knows how to use them, they go out of control very easily.
  • She is very anti-social, fearing the living and judgement.

Personal Goals: She wishes to discover herself and her own past. She feels the desire to find who she was and know who she is.

Family Background:
Biography: (For this section, try to include what their childhood was like, what motivated them to choose their class. If they had any professional experience prior to choosing their class, put that in there. Finally, lead the events up to when/how/why you joined the Vanquishers.)
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I'm going to update this when I have a slight bit more time.
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