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Guild Rules and Information

[Pinned] Redeemed Uniform Guide

Being a para-military guild under the purview of the Alliance, we have a uniform code and are expected to uphold it.Currently we have three sets to our uniforms; known as the three D's : Drill Uniform Dress Uniform Duty Uniform Drill Uniform:Our D...
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Guild Rules and Information

[Pinned] Role Playing a DK properly.

Subtitle: Understanding the Horror.This information is not presented to be the definitive word on the subject of how to role play a Death Knight. It is based almost entirely on personal opinion and parallels between what we have seen of DK in the ...
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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Character Profile Sheet

This is a basic template for your character's biography. These are the minimum requirements, you are free to add on as much as you like! Name: Race: Gender: Age: Hometown: Class: Profession(s): Hobbies: Strengths/Weaknesses: Personal Goals: Person...
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Guild Rules and Information

[Pinned] General Roleplaying Rules

SHORT LIST Use netiquette. No God-modding. Do not create God-modded antagonists. Do not powerplay. Do not auto-hit. Do not assign damage. Do not metagame. Do not metagame personal histories. Do not canon-chain. Do not mix IC life with OOC life. Do...
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Art & Stories

Character Art!

A thread to post art of your character!To start things off, here's one I commissioned a former student of mine to do Ourrin in his style:
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World Info and RP Resources

Night Elf: Elunian Calendar

The ideas and concepts below were developed by several people from <Silvereye> on Argent Dawn EU, and have been developed further by night elf fans across both EU and US realms. The following content is strictly fan-made and should not be ...
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Guild News

Legion is upon us...

Already, The Redeemed has been called to serve in the Broken Isles. Stay tuned for future mission details!
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Guild News

Mission Report on Legion Activity

After surviving the assault on Broken Shore, the remaining members were assigned to seek out and destroy pockets of Legion activity in Kalimdor. After destroying four smaller active Legion portals, the Redeemed came up against a fifth larger tower...
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Guild News

Move to WRA is complete!

Our move to Wyrmrest Accord server is complete. We will begin some light recruiting and missions soon...Sharina Sylversword has volunteered to stay behind on Scarlet Crusade to keep up the Redeemed presence there as well.
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Character Profiles

Rhoorilliina of Argus

Name: Rhoorilliina (A.k.A for the non-Draenei Liina))Race: Draenei Death KnightGender: FemaleAge: Well over 5,000 but doesn't keep track any longer.Hometown: Argus (Draenei Home Planet)Class: DraeneiProfession(s): None at the moment. (Will update....
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